Our Vision

"To infuse corporate training with the thrill of adventure and exploit the power of this medium to build and   maximize an organization's human resources"

It is often heard that in order to be innovative, we must start thinking 'Out of the box'. Employees should be provided with innovation tools which would unlock and enhance their innovation skills, generating ideas to optimise the effectiveness and efficiency of their jobs and their business.

Corporate responsibility should extend into ensuring that, this basic need of soft skills for newly inducted employees, is met in a planned and effective manner. Otherwise, the loss will be borne by both the employers and the employees.

With the right tools, employees can begin thinking innovatively at any time, working alone or in groups to tackle simple or complex problems. Experiential learning with the blend of adventure and outbound are proven and effective methods to train, prepare corporate executives irrespective of their levels and responsibilities within the corporate world. Proboscis's experiential learning programme enhances inherent potential, strengths and improvement areas of an individual for high performance.

Proboscis offers 100% unadulterated extreme sports with the assurance of international safety standards. The founders of Proboscis have been in the business of adventure training for over 25 years. Furthermore, with over 20 years of corporate training experience, the boardroom/class-based kind, Proboscis team members are well versed with how to offer this very training, in an outdoors-setting, through experiential learning.

With the widest range of activities at one place there is something here for every corporate requirement. So whether your element of challenge is land, water or air, we open up the possibility of a new and thrilling experience for you.

Our Team

Arun Sawant

He is a passionate adventurer and has been in this profession for 35 years. He believes in learning from the nature and enjoying the beauty along with it. He wanted to take this experience to the youth and has been in this profession for 35 years and founder of Camp Fire India in 1987. Such is his contribution to this field that his reputation precedes him. He is the first who started rappelling and valley crossing camps in India to give separate identity for this adventure activity. He is the first human who get down from the 1600' gigantic rock wall of Konkankada. He is also the pioneer of Cave exploration expeditions in Maharashtra and done a lot of treks and expeditions in the Himalayas. He is the first person to climb the gigantic 800' wall of Duke's Nose.

Shantanu Savarekar

Mr Shantanu Savrekar, is a Computer Engineer. After his MBA he has worked with Indian and Multi national banks like Kotak Mahindra Bank, HDFC Bank, Royal Bank Of Scotland. Despite an encouraging career in the corporate world, Shantanu has a great passion and enthusiasm for adventure sports. That is where he believes he has experienced the best learnings in his life. Since then he took up this venture as a profession and to take this experience of learning from the nature to the corporate world. Adventure without risk is Disneyland.