Corporate Training

Years ago, Japanese manufacturers were threatened with higher quality products that often cost less. The response was the Quality Revolution. In turn, US manufacturers had to embrace Quality Circles, TQM and other methods, in order to survive an ever changing market scenario. The bottom-line has now become
'innovate or become redundant'

In order for companies to innovate and 'think out of the box', they require human resources that are capable of the same. Developing this pool of talent doesn't happen without conscious planning and effort. Employees should be provided with the required tools to unlock and enhance their innovation skills, generate ideas to optimise their effectiveness and efficiency.

With the right 'training' employees can begin thinking innovatively, and proactively work to resolve complex problems and uncover timely solutions.

Experiential learning with the blend of adventure and outbound - are a time proven and effective method to train and prepare corporate executives irrespective of their levels and responsibilities - within companies of all sizes and agendas.

Proboscis's experiential learning programme enhances the inherent potential, strengths of human resource within a company and drastically improves an individual's performance.


Leadership is a social influence. A leader initiates action, guides his team towards the goal and the result is change. Too many organizations are over managed and under led. This in turn can reduce organizational vitality and result in low productivity over time. What is needed is development of leadership capabilities at the Top Level that will put an organization on the path of success.
Through the medium of adventure sports, simulation games and group activities, Proboscis, works to scope out potential leadership within an organization, thus identifying an important set of individuals that could be trained to become future leaders in the company.

The Leadership Grid Adventure methodology, is a unique powerful combination which:
* Reinforces the grid concepts through intense experiences.
* Enables every individual to realize his/her unique potential and styles.
* Integrate the same to enhance the quality of relationships.
* Utilize both the above to consistently achieve excellent results.

Change Management

Understanding & managing change are the dominant themes of management today. Adapting to an ever changing environment is essential for success in the corporate world.
Through the medium of adventure sports, simulation games and group activities, Proboscis, addresses the following issues of change management:
* Why people resist change?
* Types of resistance
* Reaction to change
* Tips for managing change

Team Synergy

A team is a group of people coming together to collaborate to reach a shared goal or task for which they hold themselves mutually accountable. However, learning to work as a team doesn't come naturally to everyone. Hence training groups to work effectively is an important component of management.
Again, through the medium of adventure sports, simulation games and group activities, Proboscis, works to enhance team synergy and group dynamics - thus increasing overall productivity and output.
We focus on - S.C.O.R.E
* Strategy
* Clear Roles and Responsibility
* Open Communication
* Rapid Response
* Effective Leadership

Take your organization to the next level.
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